Asked Questions

About KidsDocOnCall

What is urgent care?

Urgent care is medical care for acute illnesses and injuries and minor emergencies. It is not suitable for life threatening conditions such as if your child is unresponsive, or struggling to breathe.

Urgent care services are appropriate if it’s not a life threatening condition, but can’t wait until tomorrow.

How do I know I’m getting good advice?

All our KidsDocs maintain current positions in children’s hospitals. They are at the front lines – dealing with the most complex and difficult cases on a daily basis. All have 7 years specialist training in paediatric emergency medicine, and have treated thousands of children for every conceivable illness and injury.

Does KidsDocOnCall replace my GP?

KidsDocOnCall is an on-demand specialist service and is not intended to replace your GP. KidsDocOnCall can complement the care provided by your GP, and we recommend your family has a GP for ongoing care.

How it works

What happens if it’s a medical emergency?

KidsDocOnCall is not an emergency service. If it is a medical emergency – please call 000 immediately. If our KidsDocs™ deem it an emergency, we will tell you immediately. You will not be charged for the call if you do not want us to stay on the line.

Can I claim a Medicare rebate?

Rebates are available for all calls between 11pm and 7am, and for children <12 months of age. Please note, Medicare rebates are subject to change, and gap payments may still exist.

Can I use KidsDoc when overseas?

Unfortunately, our insurance won’t cover calls from overseas at this point. We suggest you call local emergency services if urgent medical care is required.

Getting Help

How do I request a call?

By using our web-based app, just hit the 'See a KidsDoc' button. Then you will need to sign up your family, if you haven’t already. Whilst waiting, make sure you fill in as much detail as possible to assist the doctor in getting to the heart of your consultation.

How long will it take to be called back?

Our commitment is to provide a timely service. Our aim for members is to respond to your request within 60min, and for non-members within 120mins. While we make every effort to get to all calls as quickly as possible, it is possible that, during very busy periods, you may experience longer than usual waiting times.

During the Consult

What happens in a consult?

Just as in a surgery, the doctor will talk with you about the health issue. After this, a virtual examination will take place. We believe at KidsDocOnCall that video is essential for us to make an accurate assessment.

The Doctor will then give you advice about what they think is going on, and what to do next. This might be staying at home and continuing to look after your child, accessing immediate medical care, seeing your GP for follow up, or even calling an ambulance.

Prescriptions, Referrals and Medical Certificates

KidsDocOnCall can provide referrals and medical certificates directly to you as PDF files to be printed as required. Prescriptions will be sent directly to your local pharmacy where you can pick up any required medications.

*Restricted medications may not be provided

After the Consult

What happens if my KidsDoc™ says I need a face to face consultation?

Although Telehealth offers a convenient way to see an expert doctor, sometimes a face-to-face consult with a GP or other specialist is required. Our aim is to keep you home, safe and sound, but if it looks like something needs further investigation or attention, we will refer you to the best place for follow up.

Do I have access to my information?

Yes – a consult summary will be sent to you after every consultation. To avoid sharing personal information via email, this will be available for you to download through the app.

Can KidsDocOnCall share information with my family GP?

Yes – with your consent, we are able to share information from the consult with your GP.

What it Costs

What are the Fees?

We aim to provide the best healthcare at affordable rates on our home page. Our Doctors are all highly trained specialists who provide consultations for the most serious and complex cases. The subscription options are the most economical options.

Why should I become a Subscriber?

Subscriber receive additional benefits, including priority service, additional features, and reduced call rates.

Does it matter if I have multiple children?

You can add all your children to your single family account.

Can anyone call?

Anyone that is registered on KidsDocOnCall as a carer for your child can utilise the service. Registration is free regardless of subscription status.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at anytime, subject to the cancellation terms and services.

Can I give a subscription and consults to my loved ones? My new grandchild for example?

Absolutely. You can purchase a subscription for your family, or as a gift for your extended family and friends.

Technology Issues

What if my internet connection isn’t good enough?

Currently KidsDocOnCall™ requires a stable internet connection. If video is not possible with your available bandwidth, the consult can be made via audio. You can supplement audio consults with photos or pre-recorded videos whilst you are waiting for your KidsDoc™ to call back.

What happens if my call cuts out?

If the connection cuts out unexpectedly, we will attempt to re-establish the connection. If we can’t get back in touch, and you’ve been on the consult less than 5 minutes, you won’t be charged.


Is my child’s data secure?

We adhere to the strict guidelines of the Australian Privacy Principles. All information is held securely on Australian-based servers. Our Privacy policy can be found here.

Complaints and Compliments

We welcome all feedback and take it seriously. In the first instance we would like to clear up any issues personally.