The medical services provided by Children’s Telemedicine Group Pty Ltd (CTG) are delivered entirely by use of the telehealth video consultation platform and pursuant to the Terms and Conditions (Consultation) and are therefore limited by the constraints of such technology. You acknowledge that the Consultation is in no way a substitute for an in-person consultation. CTG, in its sole and absolute discretion, reserves the right to recommend that you undertake a physical attendance where it determines that there is a need to do so. CTG’s assessment of your medical condition is limited by the information you have provided, including but not limited to your assessment of the presentation of symptoms, your assessment of the vital signs of the child under which a Consultation is sought (Patient) and your ability to accurately conduct an examination under the guidance of CTG, including but not limited to taking a temperature, reading a pulse or undertaking other physical tests as requested by CTG. You agree that you are lawfully permitted to participate in the Consultation on behalf of the Patient and you agree that you will not record any part of the Consultation other than by taking handwritten notes. The Services provided in the Consultation, including the provision of medical advice, is wholly based on the information provided by you to the Medical Practitioner that has been engaged by CTG at the time of the Consultation. The medical advice provided by the Medical Practitioner is based on the probable course of the Patient which may not apply to each and every Patient. To the extent that the Patient does not experience this probable course it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to reseek appropriate advice. CTG reserves the right, where it considers it to be absolutely clinically necessary, to record the Consultation and may take still images of the issue being treated where CTG assess this to have some clinical value.